Mother-Son’s Talk

In a silent night, a mother and her adolesence son sat down in the son’s room. Mother wanted to have some quality time with her son, that has been away because he’s living in a dorm. They were having the usual mother-son’s talk. Mother started with some simple question, like “how’s your study?”. Son the son replied with quick and short answers. Then Mother got to the not-so-simple question…

Mom: Do you have any girlfriend?

Son: *startled* Umm… No…

Mom: Really?

Son: Why would I lie to you Mom?

Mom: *giggles* Okay… So why don’t you find one?

Son: I’m trying Mom… *breathe heavily* It’s just… I haven’t got any luck…

Mom: So there’s a girl that you like?

Son: You can say it that way…

Mom: Is she pretty?

Son: Well, of course she is! Even though it’s my own subjective opinion…

Mom: *giggles* So… Do you really love her? Or it’s just a burst of emotion?

Son: *stares the ceiling* I don’t know… *looks back to Mother* I think so…

Mom: So you don’t know if you truly love her?

Son: *shrugs his shoulders*

Mom: Well, according to my experiences, if you are truly in love, your heartbeat will go faster everytime you see her.

Son: Really?

Mom: Hey, why would I lie to you?

Mom & Son: *laughing together*

Mom: So… Do your heartbeat get faster everytime you see her?

Son: *silent, try to remembering everytime he saw her*

Mom: Well, it’s your feeling, you should know it better than me. Even though I’m your mother and mothers…

Son: *cuts his mother speech* I know.. Mothers know best…

Mom: *laughs*


And that is all about the mother-son’s usual talk at the middle of the night.

Conclusion? I’m officially falling in love…


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