Another Funny Thing that Happened…

If I could take your heart,
And keep it close to me,
I swear it will not break…
I swear it will not bleed…

Baby We’re Invincible – A Rocket to the Moon

I could say that this thing is an accident, but I remember what a certain significant other of mine said in here… So all I can do is just sit down, breathe steadily, try to relax and calm down. And here I am! Ranting about this simple thing that accidentally happened in my peaceful days and brought some avalanches that disturbed the calmness of my mind.

It is all thanks to my little sister, who has a very good sense of music. I was sitting in front of my computer, surfing the web with some music played. Suddenly, my sister came and told me that she had found a few good songs. Curious, I played the songs and listened to it…

When I listened to the lyrics, my jaws dropped and my eyes popped. It was exactly like that time! The lyrics was, accidentally, about the same with my life. I heard my life was being drawn in the beauty of the words, arranged and formed to be lyrics…

I sat back and relax. Try to inhale as much air as I can, and then exhale it slowly…

Oh girls these nights are dull,
I wish that I could spend them with you,
I’m looking at this wall,
Repeating “girl I love you”…

I Think About You Everyday – A Rocket To The Moon

Then again, this life is full of f*ck*ng surprises. Better get used to it…

Just tell me we will be,
Together someday,
It’s in the dreams I have,
I’ll be your sunset,
If you’ll be my silhouette…

I’ll Be Your Sunset – A Rocket To The Moon

Those songs are especially for you because they remind me of you…


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